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Leixlip Manor & Gardens


First hearing from Avril in March 2016, this wedding had been a date I was looking forward to for well over a year! Spending a day with both Avril & Brian at Kilkenny Castle in January for their engagement photography session, not only further enhanced my delight to be working with the pair, but reinforced how perfectly compatible and extremely in love Avril & Brian were and are today! Their Wedding Day at Leixlip Manor most certainly did not disappoint - Avril hand collected vintage tea cups from charity shops around Ireland, for a perfect home-made and personal decorative finish to her wedding reception. Tears at the alter with 'Strictly style' first dances combined with elegant, and magnificent minute details, Avril & Brian's Wedding photos display that perfect documentary approach of the most important day of their lives to date! I am excited to share with you all. 




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